Welcome to my blog 🙂

Hey guys… A little about me:

Professional: I am a working model in NYC. In 2012, I graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in biological sciences, and began working in the science field- all the while modeling in between NYC, Boston and Rhode Island part-time. In 2015, I decided to pursue modeling full time, and officially moved to New York. Since then, I have done print, commercial and fashion work with companies such as: Macy’s, Samsung, Project Runway, Bumble and Bumble etc. Please visit the “Professional” tab in the menu above to view my portfolio 🙂

Personal: Who am I? I am a very fun-loving, intellectual, goofy person, with wild curly hair and an even wilder imagination. I love to dance, love sports, music, art, travel, science, writing and films. (I could go on and on about the things I love.) The only things I really truly hate are coconuts and bowling. (I know, I know… who hates coconuts? Me.) So now that you have some random facts, what is this website you’ve stumbled upon, or found on my social media all about??? Well, I’ve always had too many interests, so my “Personal” page will serve as a space for me to explore and share some of the projects I am working on. I plan to post (almost daily) writing- poems, short stories, thoughts, advice, etc. Also, my blog will serve as a way to keep up with my life in vibrant NYC, beautiful Rhode Island, and all of my travels. And there will be some cool videos here and there.

I would love to connect with any and all who visit the site, so feel free to leave comments, likes, suggestions, and ask me to visit your page too. This is a brand new site so bear with me, new content will be coming soon 🙂


♥ Rae



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