Do lies hurt?

yes, I think they do.

But what if I lied that I loved you?

what if my hands lied to your face, my lips to your ear, my eyes to your soul?

if a lie wrapped you in its arms and lulled you to sleep when you didn’t want to feel alone?

when the truth would wrestle you to the ground, punch you in the gut and run before you could ask it “why”?

when the truth would belittle you, steal your pride and cause you to stay up at night and cry.

The lie, oh the lie…

a lie steals the lesson.

Stunts your growth.

Never can stay hidden from you.

So I find that there could be no response more true:

“Do lies hurt?”

-well yes, I think they do.




One thought on “Lies

  1. Hi beautiful Rae. I enjoyed visiting your site. It’s a little window to your soul. Have you been on here lately? I’m about to start my day, I hear the dogs barking outside. It’s finally warm enough to put them out, so dad did before he left. Boston was howling for me. He’s so silly. I wish you happiness. Much love💕… Mom


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